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SINA OLED SIIN: Esileht Pood Naiste kosmeetika YSL kosmeetika YSL Make-Up YSL Foundation YSL - Touche Eclat 2,5ml /

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YSL - Touche Eclat 2,5ml /
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YSL - Touche Eclat 2,5ml /

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The beauty secret of the world's top makeup artists and models, Touche Éclat is the original must-have for a radiant, flawless face. Capture 8 hours of sleep with the click of a pen. With a few strategic strokes of this award-winning complexion highlighter—dark circles, fine lines and signs of fatigue virtually disappear. Powered by the radiance-boosting Luminocaptide Complex, skin is instantly illuminated, so you look rested and refreshed—even if you’ve been up for hours. Sleek and sophisticated, it discretely slips into a makeup bag for quick touch-ups anytime. It’s the one beauty essential no woman should ever be without.
1 Luminous Radiance
1.5 Radiant Silk
2 Luminous Ivory
2.5 Luminous Vanilla
3 Light Peach
3.5 Luminous Almon
4.5 Luminous Sand
5 Luminous Honey
5.5 Luminous Praline
6 Luminous Amber
6.5 Luminous Toffee
7 Luminous Mocha